Holding Pattern

Posted On February 13, 2008

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We are still awaiting delivery of our equipment, which got hung up in Customs in Montreal as the result of a paperwork error. I saw this headline in the local Inuktitut-English newspaper, the Nunatsiaq News, today, and – despite my frustration – had to laugh. (No, it really isn’t about us!)

 Today’s Headline

The same article in Inuktitut:


Despite minor annoyances, I am really enjoying just being here. It is peaceful and wild, and reminds me a lot of home, Vermont, 1000 miles to the south. I have crosscountry skied at dawn and at dusk out of town to the north, into the hills, and to the southwest, across the river and up into the hills there. It is quiet, calm, and still, but not lifeless. There are numerous animal tracks … the ubiquitous local dogs of course, but also rabbit, fox, and something small, marten perhaps, or squirrel. I have seen a red fox twice now and hope to eventually get his picture. Today I also saw a ptarmigan.

Tonight, a Cree boy of 10 and his father came to the Research Station dorm selling crafts. I bought a dreamcatcher from the boy, Johnny Wapachee. I hope it brings dreams of the wild.





2 Responses to “Holding Pattern”

  1. Sis

    Can you post a photo of the dreamcatcher in your living quarters?

    The landscape is absolutely breathtaking. 🙂

  2. Michael Bender

    Advocados is one thing, but going bananas is another…hang in there, I mean where else can you go?

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