The Avocado Has Landed

Posted On February 18, 2008

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Saturday morning I went to the Inuit grocery store and asked the lady stocking the produce section if they had any avocados… Lo and behold, some had just come in! She went back to the storeroom and brought some out to put in the case. The tropical and subtropical fruit is so dear here, they wrap the pieces individually. Right between the pineapple ($2.99 for two slices) and the blueberries ($5.49 for 100 grams, or about a cup) were the avocados ($1.85 each). Lovely, I bought one.


On a more serious note, last night I went out to the mouth of the river with Alan, Stoyka, and Andrew of Environment Canada to help them set up their OOTI sled. OOTI is a self contained instrument package mounted on a 9 foot sled and parked Out On The Ice, to monitor chemical exchanges at the sea-ice-air interface. This campaign is part of OASIS, an international multi-disciplinary effort to study Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack Interactions in the Arctic. The location chosen was about 2 km off shore and about 2 km from open water, on day-old sea ice. The ice was black, not white like the ice that has been growing for several months, and it felt spooky to be out on it on heavily laden snowmobiles. They asked me to take photographs of their location, which was midway between the point on the far side of the river, and the beacon on the highest point a few miles inland. From there, we could see the lights of the town twinkling in the distance.



Today the COBRA team cut the second of four 1m square holes in the ice just off the field site. They cut through 1 meter of ice with an auger and a handsaw. These windows into the world beneath the ice will be used to grow a “crop” of frost flowers twice daily, by breaking open the ice at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM and allowing new ice to form in between. Each time, the 2-4 inches of new ice that has formed must be broken out with a sledgehammer or axe. The sledgehammer was dropped down the hole into the bay several days ago, so now they are using an axe.

Buenos dias! My name is Anita Avocado and I have just arrived from Mexico. Brrr, it is cold here!


Here I am at the Centre dètudes Nordiques of the Universite Laval, where they told me I could be a university student, or even an honorary post-doc! I will try to learn French!



2 Responses to “The Avocado Has Landed”

  1. Mama Bear

    Cher Anita;

    I fear you have frozen your zapatas, amiga. Buena fortuna avec votre studies. You are a pricey little muchacha, but only 37 centavos more than tu sorores en Norte Carolina.

    Mama Ursula

  2. Ted Obbard

    Si, senyorita! Seems like you’ve found the dark green lining in the bumped-shipment debackkle. Enjoy the avocados!
    I’ll say Hi to R-jr (with apologies again for stealing your name!)

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