Doggone It

Posted On February 20, 2008

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Hooray! Today SOME of our equipment arrived! The good news is that it included my warmer clothes. The bad news is that it included only four of our sixteen boxes. Thus we are missing some critical bits of every experimental setup. We did, however, get everything necessary to set up our helikite, a balloon-kite hybrid that will carry our meteorological and ozone measurement sondes aloft.


Yesterday, Helen and I walked to the far end of town to scan the Bay for open water and look at the inuksuk. Inuksuk is a general word for a stone landmark used as a directional marker. In the Arctic, a place of permafrost and snow and few natural landmarks, inuksuk were used for navigation across the tundra. I picked up a children’s book in the store several days ago that told the store of a small girl who, with her friends, built inuksuik to guide her father and brothers home from the hunt.

Although inuksuk means “that which acts in the place of a person”, traditional Inuksuk aren’t necessarily built to resemble people. Inuksuk are generally carefully stacked piles of stones. The human-like stone figures commonly associated with the Inuit are actually innunguat, although the one on the point in Kuujjuarapik is referred to here as the inuksuk.

Can you find Anita?


Here I am! Here I am!


On the way back we found a puppy in the middle of the road outside the research station. He was shivering and whimpering and quite a distance from any occupied houses, so we took him in. We have temporarily named him Bear or Gilbert – there are two schools of thought on that – and are looking for his owners.


Well, that creature certainly has the right outfit for this weather!!!! I am having to forsake fashion for warmth! Goodbye Manolo Blanhnik!!!! >



2 Responses to “Doggone It”

  1. Sis

    Dear Anita,

    Mama and Papa are so proud of your decision to join the Programo Servicio de Hospitalite de Avocado y Watermelon (PSHAW) and travel to the frozen north to spread the gospel of healthy fats! You are truly an inspiration to the kids who are still on the trees, pondering their futures.

    Love from your brother,

    p.s. – We gave the rest of your Manolos to your friend Esperanza.

  2. Mama Bear

    (upside-down exclamation mark) Hola otre vez, querida Anita!
    Yo quiero tus botas de UGG.

    (upside down ?)Donde tu las adquieriste?
    (u-d ?)Y quando? Yo espero you didn’t borrow las del perro Gilbair.

    Queda con color.

    La Osa Madre

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